Did you just purchase a new iPad, computer, maybe a smart phone or are you thinking about it?  Give me a call and just maybe I can help.  I will give you the best most informed advice I have before you buy.  And If it is not something I can help with I will defiantly let you know. I will shop for or with you should you need assistance.  Call Today: 573-200-6814

If you have already purchased a new computer, iPad or cell phone and you need help figuring it out. If it has a chip in it, a screen on it and you need help give me a call. It costs you nothing to call me.  If I can help our rates our reasonable. And if I cannot I will try to help get you to the right place.  Call Today: 573-200-6814

If we are with a customer, you will get our voice mail.  Please leave me a call back number and I will call as soon as I am able.