Well you chose this page because you wanted to know about me huh?  Not much here,  I am a simply complex person.  I am an avid fan of my family, technology and helping others.  Matter of fact I have been so huge on helping others that for years I have been doing so through sports.  My best friend and wife began a non profit that I oversaw where we hosted basketball tournaments and at one time we had as many as 7 teams in our little organization. We used to host up to 73 teams in any given event.  These were a means to get kids active and playing not to mention a way to interact with others.   This evolved into something bigger for me because I learned I love to teach.

But you came here because this is a tech site.  Well as I mentioned tech has been a focus of my life for many years.  I was bitten by the bug a long time ago and I keep up on as much of the daily changes that I can.  I love the latest and greatest but my eyes see more than I can afford.  I am not a builder of tech so much as  a resource of information.  I can install hardware and I can teach how to use software but I love the interaction of working with people and the satisfaction of seeing success.

I have been staying at home with my youngest since 2005 and took up coaching high school basketball at a local school.  Mostly it is a volunteer job since they pay less than what I spend on the ridiculous fuel prices.  But during that time I have been blogging in some place or another and following a plethora of others who tweet, Facebook and just outright blog about technology.  Mostly an Apple fan, because of how I am treated we still have Windows in our home. And yes I have ruined my 5 year old.  He’s been an iPod touch user since 2.

If you need help maybe you could give me a call.  Honestly, If I don’t know the answer I will try to get you to someone who does.  And I don’t know everything. If I can help maybe you could pay me a little so I can buy another gadget or pay some real bills. I do promise that there are no charges from me if I cannot help. That means even if I help you find a place that can, I wont charge you.  I am going to treat you the way I want to be treated, with respect.  Maybe sometime you’ll come back and I can help.  If not well at least I’ve met a new person.

Well enough about me.  If you want to ask a question feel free to contact me.  I’d love to see if I could help. Maybe I could turn this into a real business someday.

Thanks again and take care,


Darrin L Pruitt

By the way….Here are some things I am pretty sure I could help with.

Sample Class listing

  • Why should I buy an Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows computer
  • What Smart phone is right for me
  • Setting up and maintaining in home security
  • Browsing and Searching the Internet
  • Backing up your personal information
  • Voice and Video Calling
  • Storing Photos
  • Teen Talk (IE: teens teaching parents what their text lingo mean)
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • & More

Basic Support Services: (Guaranteed resolution*)

  • Personal Computer Maintenance
  • Installation of Hard drives, Memory,
  • Basic in home Wireless Networking and Security
  • Web Camera’s for Video Calling
  • Wireless Printer Setup
  • Device Consultation
  • & More

* OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: We will do our very best to solve your basic support needs.  If we take on your job and we cannot resolve the issue then you may owe nothing.  But we will not stop there. If we cannot resolve the issue, even if we are not hired, we will do our very best to direct you to someone who can.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied even if that means sending you somewhere else.  (We cannot control fees that other businesses charge)


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