Nearly 80% of children between the ages of 0 and 5 use the Internet on at least a weekly basis

According to Sarah Kessler over at Mashable “Nearly 80% of children between the ages of 0 and 5 use the Internet on at least a weekly basis”

This does not surprise me at all.  I know some of you may be in shock and wonder what parents are thinking.  But my son who is now 4 months into his 5th year has owned an iPod touch since he was about 2.  He is great with our iPad and has used a Windows laptop since about the ripe old age of one and a half.

He has been supervised on the internet and is the main reason he has a  laptop. Is is a used one we had before switching to a Macbook and one we did not care if he broke it. He doesn’t type out 70 WPM or anything but he does visit cartoon sites like Disney, and Cartoon Network where he plays games and prints coloring pages.  He listens to stories from Sesame Street and plays the occasional game like polar bowler.  He used to watch movies on his computer until we got more and more on his iPod.

My son maybe a little different. If you can picture the look he gets as he friends a playmate at our local playground and upon leaving my son tells his playmate they could look him up on Facebook.  Of course most kids may be getting on the internet but my son has Facebook, Twitter and his own Gmail. He does not post or check it but I was sitting around one day and I thought I’d see if his name is available on those mediums. So I checked and it was.  I thought this was a great idea since many kids his age were named the same. His use of Facebook is limited to him getting a message coming to me where I read it to him, then I type what he would like to say back.  We post his accomplishments to his Facebook page where his friends are mostly family although there are some “friends” that he has made.  I feel this is like a scrapbook of his life that he can look back upon at a later date.

So personally, I am not surprised that 80 percent of children under 5 are on the internet.  I think this is a generation that will be wired all the time. Our future with this generation is the way of the internet. TV will be streamed to our mobile devices and shot up to the television through that device when we want it to.  Internet will be everywhere and at a cost we can afford. And I like it, as I think the internet is knowledge and knowledge is  power. Being powerful makes us more creative and productive.


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