Software, Hardware, More, Oh My…

I have missed a few stories here but we were in the middle of training for our sectional appearance after winning district.  However, our season came to and end last night with a 13-point loss.

But today seems to be a lull in between two Apple high’s.  The week began with rumors of Apple dropping 4.3 on Tuesday.  However, that was not the case.  Then comes Wednesday where all seemed to be quiet until about noon CST.  Apple finally dropped 4.3 for iPhone, iPod and iPad customers.  Then 4.2 for Apple TV dropped and 5.02 for Safari joining in the fun.

Wow, what a day of software.  Today is supposed to bring iMovie and Garageband in the App Store for iPad 2. And Friday March 11th iPad 2 will drop in Apple stores, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and AT&T as well as Verizon to name a few. I suppose I missed my chance to win one at and I don’t think you will see me in line to pick up a new one.  While I would like to have one, at this time I cannot justify spending another $800 on a 32GB 3G version iPad.  Apple did some cool upgrades but I think I will wait for the iPad 3 lines.  Maybe I will find some more contest and win one there.

So what does all this software bring?

4.3 – for the iOS devices brought some new features I may use and some unexpected problems.

  1. Personal Hotspot: (iPhone 4) Probably one of the most talked about features of 4.3 because it was one that the Verizon iPhone already had and one that customers were unsure if ATT would allow their patrons to use. This is one feature that I will not see the opportunity to use.  Being an iPhone unlimited data customer I would have to give up my unlimited data and defect to a $25/$15 plan.  I understand ATT’s point here but you would think they could come up with something to allow me to have a 2GB bucket or data when the hotspot is one or something and retain my unlimited.
  2. Enhanced AirPlay and Home Sharing: This is a feature I like so far.  Once the new software is installed you navigate into Settings > iPod > and you will see a new section where you enter your home sharing username and password.  There is no save button so back out and go to Video or iPod App and navigate around (under iPhone’s iPod the new sharing feature is in More…).  You will find a sharing feature that allows you to see shared iTunes movies, music, etc.  I see using this feature when I forgot to add a movie or did not want to but my wife and I want to see a movie while in another room in our home.
  3. Message feature: Apple seems to always add in features that they leave to the user to find.  This feature allows the iPhone users to extend the number of reminders to 10.  So if I am away from my phone or in a noisy environment which is often the case for me I can be reminded of that text up to 10 times.  Surely, I can answer it by then. In addition, many users complained of the long text tones Apple added during the last major update calling then useless.  Well Apple has shortened most of them.  They also changed the vibration to two short bursts of vibration goodness rather than a single vibration matching the tone.  But and this is a big one, when is Apple going to allow users to create their own text tones in Garage Band like they do with ringtones?  This annoys me!

4.2 for Apple TV:

Apple TV was not left out yesterday as it got some updates as well. I have included a screen shot from the “what’s new” screen that’s pops up after installing.  For me just the ability to show videos shot with my iOS devices makes me happy.  I would like to see videos and apps displayed but it appears that feature is up to the content provider.

Thursday March 10, 2011 – is rumored to bring iMovie and Garageband for iPad 2

Friday March 11, 2011 –is the best day.  Not for the release if iPad 2 but because I’ll turn 40.  I plan to be at the closest Apple store some 2 hours away.  Not to get my new iPad 2, although that would be nice but to have them look at my original iPad for a mail issue.


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