Will I buy an iPad 2?

Will I buy an iPad 2?

I could end there but that would be really boring or is it that my story is boring.  Either way, I like to write

and talk so getting me to shut up, well I need to be asleep.  So here is the deal.

  1. Do I want one? Sure
  2. Do I need one? Not really, I guess
  3. Can I afford one? I guess I could
  4. Should I spend my money on other things like money hungry oil companies? Probably so.
  5. Am I trying to talk myself into an iPad 2 or out of one? What?  I’m confused!

Well March 11th is my Birthday.  40 years to be exact.  Honestly, I wondered if I would make it to 40.  But here I am almost there.  And Apple does this to me.  They announce a new shiny iPad 2 to be released on my birthday.  My birthday of all days.  Shouldn’t they just give me one and say Happy Birthday?  Not Likely.

But I did have a trip planned to visit the Apple Store on my birthday.  I visit St Louis as much as I can.  I like the malls, mostly the Apple store and the family loves the Chinese in the food court.  Plus it is a chance for us to see something different and get away.  No laundry etc.  So here I am planning this trip.  Wife took vacation day…check!  Daughter out of school…check! No basketball for me…Pretty sure, check anyway! Gas prices at all time low…whatever!

So I feel set and ready but on March 2nd Apple announces the new shiny and tells everyone it will be at Apple stores on my birthday.  The very day I was born and was going to play in the store of all stores, APPLE!.  Now, instead of going and spending a day with my family I would be going and spending a day with…well my family stuck outside an Apple store because we cannot get in because we are not in line to buy a new shiny.  So what am I to do now?  I’ve never seen a launch line before.  It begins at 5PM so you know there will be a line at 5PM the day before outside the mall, then those people will rush in to stand inline all day and get a new shiny.

But what am I to do?  Well I could stand in line and be close people I do not know.  I could take pictures and post to this blog of the line…How exciting!

Well I still have days to go and decisions to make.  Right now, I just do not know. When I saw iPad 2 I thought cool. When I saw iMovie for iPad I thought cool.  When I saw it was for iPad 2 I thought…this stinks.  So I have some decisions to make.  Do I go to STL mall and stand in line so I can say I was in an Apple Store on my birthday or do I avoid that place like its the plague?  My wife has been trying to talk to me about getting one but she is not sure either.  So if two wrongs don’t make a right what does two not sure’s make…a mess?

Did I mention March 11th is my 40th birthday?


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