iPad 2….Decisions

I heard there was an iPad 2 coming out.  Could it be that Apple has released another device to entice me to come to the mothership and fork over my money?  No really…by now I am sure if you know anything about technology you have seen Apple’s latest and greatest.  I love to watch Steve Jobs do the little Apple dance and sing me a song about how this new thing is better than my old thing. Well it has to be right?  I mean it’s newer, that has to make it better.

Well here is my woes….I watched the keynote, after watching live blog feeds about the news and sure enough there was a new iPad.  This was the focus of the show although they snuck in a few other things like iOS 4.3 for your iPad and some iPhones and iPod touches.  They also talked extensively about Garage Band and iMovie. I love photography and have even tried my hand at it, sports related of course but the equipment is so expensive.

But here is my short list of what Apple announced:

  1. iPad
    1. Faster (A5 dual core (vs) the older A4 chip)
    2. Thinner, Lighter, Faster
    3. iMovie (for iPad2 and iPhone 4 ONLY)
    4. Garage Band (iPad 2 only)
    5. A “cover” that even Steve had issue with referring to it as a case
    6. A HDMI out that mirrors your iPad screen onto a tv with HDMI in.
  2. iOS 4.3
    1. Better AirPlay – for more content should developers use it.
    2. iTunes Home Sharing.
    3. Personal Hotspot – which just cost more money and those of us who want our unlimited data on AT&T can’t have this anyway without jail breaking.
    4. iPad side switch user selection

Look, I am all for being able to stream my content to my big tv but developers have to embrace this and many of the things I want shot to my tv won’t be there. I’d like to stream missed sitcoms to my tv.  I’ll take commercials too.  I’d like to play plants vs zombies or some racing games that are showing on the tv.  How about playing against my kids on a split screen via our iPhones and iPod touches.  I mean is is so much to ask for a game we can play together without going out and finding Tom in Germany so I have someone to compete against.  Sure they have game center but so few games are multiplayer and video rental games…well I get laughed at if I ask for games to play with someone in my home.

So you decide….it the iPad for you?  Both iPad and 4.3 available March 11th (Happy 40th Birthday to me). Looks as if you can hit up Best Buy, Walmart and Apple on that day.  But if you live near me, well I have not seen an iPhone in Walmart since they got rid of the 3GS version.


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