Squaretrade vs Applecare

Obviously I am a fan of electronics and as everyone knows hobbies such as this can beexpensive to keep up with.  But when you add in a 5 year old young man it can be quite expensive.

I have four children from 5 to 20 years old.  All of them have their own unique qualities and very different personalities.  My 20 year is a lot like me in never being satisfied with the current things she has.  I always want the next, latest and greatest thing and she does too.  My youngest daughter is similar but has a drive like no other although she does find herself spinning in mud sometimes. My step-son is very intelligent, sometimes too much so, that he thinks others are beneath him. But he is smart enough that learning actually comes easy for him.

My 5-year-old, whom I have stayed at home with since he was 3 months old is like my best friend.  His need for information and friendship is quite unique.  Since I coach basketball at a local high school he goes with me and he likes to hang out with the high school students.  He can retain information like a sponge and is into technology as much as I.  He has had an iPod touch since he was about 2 years old.  While some parents talk about the dangers of technology we embrace it.  For our son we added any book, learning app we could afford.  But all this comes at a cost.

With every iPod we have struggled with purchasing Squaretrade or Applecare.  We love Applecare support because if there is an issue with the device not working we can call Apple outside the 90-day call support warranty. You actually get 1-year support but after 90-days but you need to live near an Apple retail store for the best service or have the willingness to travel to one.  They offer a mail in service during that one year but I have found it to be more than difficult trying to talk to someone about setting up this type of repair.  And of course Applecare only covers defect with the hardware that is not caused by abuse or accidental damage.

That is where Squaretrade comes in.  They offer accidental damage protection add on to their normal hardware warranty.  This usually adds about a third more to the cost.  We have many Squaretrade warranties but have never had to use one until now.  Normally they just sit there unused. Normally we carry Applecare on our Apple products.  But this time we choose to wait and maybe purchase it later.  Apple is gracious to give you one-year to purchase Applecare.

Since the initial iPod touch our son has had the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generations.  The 2nd, we thought mom left it at a basketball game but 8 months later found it in a couch.  We replaced it with the 3rd.  Last December is disappeared suddenly and we have yet to find it. So we replaced that with the 4th gen.  Now, last night our son dropped it in the potty.  He claims that he forgot to set it down before he got up which he is usually good at, turned and it slipped.  Obviously he did not mean to drop it. And now he is heartbroken.  He is a big HeyTell user, plays some games and watches many videos.

Thankfully we chose to get Squaretrade on this iPod.  This will be my initial dealing with them warranting out a device.  I will report back and let you know how well the transaction went.  I am hoping that everything I have heard about Squaretrade is correct and this transaction goes over well.


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