AT&T App Store? I’ll Pass…

ATT logoTiPb reports that CEO Randall Stephenson spoke out about the App Store ran by Apple.

“You purchase an app for one operating system, and if you want it on another device or platform, you have to buy it again,” Stephenson said in a keynote speech at the world’s largest mobile-phone trade show in Barcelona, Spain. “That’s not how our customers expect to experience this environment.”


Wait…isn’t this just AT&T trying to get paid?  Sure for consumers we would love to be able pay once and use across many platforms.  And of course for AT&T this makes sense.  Just maybe they would be the one collecting 30 percent and all the attention.


Let’s look at Microsoft Office.   Have consumers had to purchase on Windows then switched to a Mac and had to pay again when putting it on a Mac?  This has been going on for a long time. I think it is nice that I can put Angry Birds on my iPhone, my wife’s and my daughters and pay only once.  I thought this was a step in the consumer friendly direction. If I lose the app I don’t have to repay for it, I just re download it. Box Software would not send me another disc and last time I got Microsoft Office Student edition from Digital River, I had to pay an extra $10 for it to be there should I need to download it again.


Pretty much any software I have bought I have to pay more for extra licenses, replacement discs or even a reinstall disc for my Windows OS that came on te computer.  So maybe Mr. Stephenson’s intentions were directed at income stream for AT&T or maybe he has the consumer’s interest at the forefront. Who knows but I why stop at the carrier.  What if I want to take my Apps to Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile.  Where do we stop?


Maybe AT&T is on to something for consumers but I think I will be happy where I am at this time



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