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Everywhere you look there are Rumors about what companies are doing next. None more so than Apple. Each year rumors find their way around the internet about new and upcoming products. Not until very close to release do some become more realistic. And some are rumors until they become fact.

Take the mobile me rumor. Previously it was going free, it was going to add iTunes streaming service and we were going to dance in the street with beads around our necks drinking our favorite adult beverage and sing happy songs.

Well it fell through as predicted but came out with find my iPhone for free. Now the same all inclusive and streaming features have made their way back. They must be true now huh? Well if so, I know Apple will refund their loyal customer who paid years in advance or at least issue iTunes credit.

How about those iPhone nano rumors? Golly gee, I’ve never heard those before. A smaller version of the iPhone. With screen going from side to side and tip to toe. Kind of sounds cool anyway.

How about the revamped notifications rumor? Apple did buy a new company that people are speculating they will use the talent to rework the iOS. I agree with Leo Laporte, it needs it. I want widgets and abilities to make my home screen custom to my life.

Then we have iPad 2 and oh yeah iPad 3 rumors. Then there is iOS update for ATT iPhones releasing. It is fun but you could get a headache from all this.

The only thing certain about any of these rumors is we will know when they happen. Until then it is speculation brought on by desire and bits of information.


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