App Store Policy

So Apple has decided to enforce policy and everyone is making a big issue of it. I remember watching the keynote where Steve announced the app store and clearly stated that Apple would do it’s part for 30% while the developer got 70% and could set the price as they see fit. Everyone cheered.

So why now, are people complaining about something that’s been in place. Is it because they are not selling anything through Apple? Wasn’t the goal of Apple to develop the app store, advertise developers, take care of all the back end and collect 30% for this service?

Apple is doing something for their fee. There is money invested into commercials for some apps, hosting, credit fees, etc. It’s not like they sit back and laugh as they take advantage of developers.

What Apple did wrong was not enforce the policy set forth in the beginning as developers found ways around this model. For anyone that has the Kindle app or any one like it, you know when purchasing a boom you are redirected out of the app to the sellers store. You buy the book then back in the app it’s downloaded. This is the model of Netflix and some music subscriptions as well.

Where I see the problem, for consumers, these companies will have to raise prices or their apps and usability will disappear. I am not a fan of iBooks, there is nothing there. Kindle has tech manuals aplenty and I can read them anywhere. I subscribe to Netflix, but rarely to I watch it. My son more than anyone in my family watches cartoons.

But should Apple press the issue and not work with these developers then I can see people leaving the Eco system to one that allows more freedom. I mean consumers don’t really care how we get it, only that we get what we want at prices we expect.

Am I wrong?

See PCWorld announcing app store policy:

TUAW reported that Kindle adapts same Apple model:


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