Possible New Cell Tower

Could this be a new cell tower coming in our area?

A while back I did some digging because there is one area in our town where I have lost signal.  Since 2000, I have taken every new phone through this area as a test to see if it retained a call.  Most failed at this.

Cape Rock and Perryville intersection may be in for a new site to enhance the cellular service.  Good Shepard church appears to have some construction going on near the outer most boundary.

I remember seeing that a permit was applied for a few years ago and always wondered why it was taking so long to construct this tower and alleviate this dead spot.  But the wait may be over.  I did not stop and ask anyone but I am assuming by adding the permit to build, the dead area and now construction we may be looking at a new 160-foot cell tower owned by Wireless Asset Group LLC.

If anyone knows for sure please let me know.

For more about this search head over to this link at antennasearch.com


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