Verizon…”It Begins” for everyone else.

Long awaited from many fans of Verizon who wanted the iPhone…your wait is over.  Maybe you defected to AT&T or maybe you just used another device.  Today you have a choice for the iPhone.  Now everyone else can sign up with Verizon and order an iPhone whereas last week Verizon was showing loyalty to current customers by allowing only them to order the iPhone.  What does this mean for the rest of us.  If you are an AT&T customer you should look for some perks to keep you a customer and if you are on Verizon you should take a look at the iPhone.  I am a big fan of it. I don’t have anything against other phones, the Android phones are quite impressive.  I have used an Evo.

I will always say that you should pick a phone based on your life.  (Here are my top 3)

  1. Where you live and who has the best service in your area.
  2. Who you are going to talk to.  Carriers offer in network mobile to mobile.  (see at&t changes calling plan)
  3. Are you going to use the phone, data or both?

So whether you are standing in line for a Verizon iPhone or are staying with AT&T take a look at this commercial from Verizon.  Who wins?  Apple thats for sure.


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