Mobile to “Any” Mobile Bug

ATT logoAT&T announced yesterday they would offer a mobile to any mobile calling plan.  Details were sketchy until BGR posted a table from the AT&T page stating who would be eligible.  For more info today visit

It appears that AT&T is having some issues with getting people signed up. The FAQ’s state that if you do not see the feature under account overview > Manage Features > Shared then you are not eligible.  However, I called AT&T this morning around 7am and they said there were some bugs.

According to AT&T I was not the only one with the issue and if you visit TiPb you can see some are able to sign up and others are not.

I was put on a case list with others and was given a call back of the 18th of this month.  I know it is not the end of the world if I don’t get this feature but this would be nice should it become available, especially for my daughter.  I guess I will keep checking back with them and hope they get the bugs  figured out.


I tried texting my wife today after I did not get a message from my boss and she was not getting messages, neither was I or my daughter.  So I stopped by the local AT&T store and told them what was going on from calling this morning about Mobile to “any” Mobile to not getting texts.  Obviously, AT&T (611) had take my texting completely off.  The store rep, added it back and got a memo with a SOC code (what he called it), added it in and it works.  He said I have text now and can call any other carrier.


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