Verizon and Apple give you a choice!

I had posted this previously on another blog before moving here….

The iPhone launched in the summer of 2007 with a pretty remarkable device while at the same time a very limited device. What do I mean?  The iPhone was advanced with the touchscreen and always internet in your pocket.  But then we did not have apps.  In my opinion those apps are what make the iPhone more useful.  You can do so much more with the iPhone and the abundance of apps.  As a lover of technology and a basketball coach, there are apps for keeping stats and working out plays.  For a friend of mine who works on cars, there is the Griffin CarTrip (below) coming out soon.  Hundred’s of thousands of apps for almost anything you can imagine.  But are you ready for a change?

Since the iPhone launched there have been rumors about a Verizon iPhone.  And finally, the speculation is so intense it has finally got to be true.  While we still do not know for sure, no one does.  The Wall Street Journal has a good track record on Apple speculation.  Apple does not tell anyone what is next.  Sometimes it leaked and turns out to be true but you just never know. So look for news tomorrow on Apple’s Verizon iPhone to be launched later this month or early February.


What does this have in store for you.  Probably nothing!  Unless you are one who bought an iPhone 4 and plan to jump the AT&T boat. You will be hit with the new higher ETF, the price of buying a new iPhone 4, that looks the same as your old one only with the older CDMA technology and having to sign a 2 year contract. But I hear you can get unlimited data at Big Red where AT&T has capped new users.  Look for some great deals coming this summer when iPhone 5 rolls out.  Announcement likely to come around the 5th month and late shipping in month 6.



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