Sling Adapter-Dish Network

I was anxiously awaiting a new Dish Network DVR and finally came the VIP922 with built-in Sling Player.  If you are not a DVR owner, like my mother once was maybe you will get one after this. A DVR, allows you to record shows and watch them much like you use to do with the old VCR.  My mom’s vice was soap operas and she was doing it the old-fashioned way.  She set her VCR to record her soaps daily and then she watched them on her antiquated player with all it’s issues from recording over and over on the same tapes.

Thats not to say that the latest technology does not have issues.  I cannot seem to grasp why when I record shows like The Big Bang Theory on CBS, that I am weekly. forced to fire up the show after it and watch the end of the preceding show.  If I did not know better I would think it was an evil plot by the satellite company to get me to watch something else.  I mean, TBS, I would understand.  They run 5 minutes off from everything. Why do shows have to start at 8:05, can’t we just make it 8:00 like the rest of the world.

But DVR service is great for our family and addicting.  We rarely watch live television in our home. Our viewing usually is prerecorded shows which we can fast forward through the commercials.  We have found ourselves in hotels either choosing to not watch television or reaching for the remote to fast forward through commercials.  It’s funny because I remember as a kid that commercials were a part of our lives.  Well, actually, that is when we got up to refill our drink, talk to others, go use the restroom or whatever.  Now, shows that are 30 minutes long actually take 15-20 minutes to watch.

DVR service offered by Dish Network is obviously not unique.  TIVO (pronounced tee-vo),has been around for some time and I think that Direct offers Home service which uses something like TIVO and of course ATT offers U-verse in select market.  I have nothing against TIVO, I’ve just never owned one.  Direct is another story and maybe I’ll write about that later.  And I think I would sign up with ATT but they are so slow at getting stuff to market it’s unreal.  The closest U-verse option to me was about 80 miles or so north of my hometown.  Again, I’ll save that for another story.

Sling is a technology that allows you to watch your shows either recorded or live via your smart phone or iPad like technology.  I don’t really want to get to technical but lets say I am at my mom’s waiting for the repairman to show up sometime between 8-noon.  I could watch her satellite but there is nothing on.  So I get out my mobile device and fire up Dish’s Remote Access app. This app allows me to see my programming, and I can choose to watch something I recorded at home.  I can also watch live television or set something to record.  So while I am waiting until 11:59 for the repairman, I can watch shows recorded on my DVR and one’s that I like.

The VIP 922 has built-in Sling technology and I’ve never had one, Dish said they had to send out a Dish technician and charge me $200 on top of the fee for the unit,  but Dish did come out with one that users of other DVR’s can use called the sling adapter.  Simple little device which I had high hopes for.  You can order one from Dish for about $105.00 Shipping included.  Return shipping is up to you and if you use the included return label Dish will charge you “up to $15.  Installation is easy for the adapter.  It comes with one USB cable and you just plug it in. The DVR shows a conformation on the t.v. screen and viola, you are ready to go onto your mobile device and watch your shows.  But…here is the problem.  While Dish has an online site they suggest you visit to see if your home wi-fi is capable it is not accurate.  I have an Apple dual band router that send our signal at 5GHz and 2.4Ghz.  That just means the airwaves it uses.  Many devices were built with 2.4 capabilities, like cordless phones.  So you get a lot of interruptions in that band.  But 5.0 is newer and there are less intrusions.  I know that’s technical but just follow me.   What that means for you and the sling adapter is that since Dish did not have the foresight to buffer their content well you get pauses and skips in your playback.  If you have ever watched a video online your video does not start until after the device has already downloaded some of the program.  Dish is not quite like that so they told me. For weeks I tried to talk to tech support and work this out but my hundred dollars will be better spent elsewhere.  I figure I can do without this technology until they fix it to work better.  I mean most home have 2.4 wifi today and this is something they should have thought about.  So I recommend that you put this technology off and do not buy the adapter from Dish.  Maybe they will work on this.  I do think, it would be a good device to have but not necessary, especially if you cannot watch it as intended.



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