My daughter came to me the other day and mentioned an app…HeyTell. This is an app for your iPhone and iPod touch that simulates a walkie talkie like experience called instance voice messaging.  I believe that HeyTell got this right.  It is so simple that my 5-year old uses this app.  This is an App that Apple, AT&T and all the other carriers should have come out with long ago and ran native on all devices.  Why you ask?  What is so special about HeyTell?  Can’t you just call someone?

Well sure you could but who does anymore?  We are a nation of texting fanatics.  Haven’t you seen the commercials about texting and driving.  Have you heard the shift of your tax dollars going to fight texting while driving?  HeyTell, in my opinion solves this issues and honestly could save lives.  Just last night I was on my way home with my daughter from basketball practice and I used HeyTell to talk to my wife, who was at home, while carrying on a conversation with my daughter.  What I love about HeyTell is it alerts you to an incoming message just like a normal text message does.  When you open the app the messages just play.  There is no need to look down and find the message.  It is non invasive and more courteous to your passengers.  If I had called my wife one of the women in my life would be left out while I talked to the other.  If I had tried to text my wife so I could talk to my daughter, it would put us in danger and in some states it is illegal.  But with HeyTell, I could talk to my daughter and my wife.  When my daughter and I were in between conversations, I could use HeyTell to send my wife a short message and never take my eyes off the road.  She could reply and the message was her voice and rather than looking away from the road reading her text, its read to me.  Check out the DEMO at www.heytell.com DID I MENTION IT’S FREE and CROSS PLATFORM?


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